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 *New Player Please Read(Compoulsary).

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*New Player Please Read(Compoulsary). Empty
PostSubject: *New Player Please Read(Compoulsary).   *New Player Please Read(Compoulsary). I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2008 3:30 pm

Dear Players,

Please be informed that there will be at least 2 GMs online per day.Players are warned not to hack in the server or will be jailed at first.Given by my knowledge , here are some of the NPCs in our server,

*Coco Sells NX Cash(Henesys)
*Mr Oh Sells All Kind Of Items ( FM)
*Both of the Hair-Changers NPCs located at FM.
*Easy Earning of Mesos.(Try not to beg too much from GMs)
*Type @rebirth as it is easier.
*If you have negative EXP , type @exp and relog.
*Don't Whisper GMs for unreasonable chattings or vulgarities.
*Players are warned that is they are found whispering GMs with unauthorised language like vulgarities or sexual relations , will be warned once from any of the GMs.
*Please Please don't ever flirt with GMs.
*All players are warned that if they are warned the second time , will be jailed for 20 minutes.
*All rules MUST be followed.

Thank You For You Time!

-ISG-TrinityMS's Forum Moderator
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*New Player Please Read(Compoulsary).
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