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 To All Maplers & GMs

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PostSubject: To All Maplers & GMs   To All Maplers & GMs I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 6:29 pm

Thanks to Advisor and as well as some other Co-Admin & GMs helps...

I managed to update a list of things for your guys to set a guideline...

--- Spamming Issue....

So far Admin did a very good job on SQL which spamming of skill will not dc anyone... but nevertheless..... do not abuse it.

----- Spawning Issue...

Summoning bags by users/ maplers/ players.... spamming on spawning monster through summoning bags will result in dc.

As for spawning event for GMs, spawning of monsters or whatsoever set a limit of 10-20 per few minutes or seconds. As mass spawning also result in dc.

----- Leveling Issue...

Mass level WILL ALSO result in dc yea. Although rates is good in our server ya... but u mass level once after your rebirths, like example from Level 1 boost to 2nd Job or beyond 3rd job. It is not advisable. Unless u are "OKAY" with dc.

----- Warping Issue...

Mass warping users/ players to certain map or random maps in seconds like different towns in short time will result in dc too.

More issue...will update to your guys.

Happy mapling! Very Happy
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To All Maplers & GMs
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